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May your day be blessed with vision towards Good Deeds !


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Questioning the race to Upgrade Knowledge of Child like we Upgrade Gadgets..

Today, world is digitally powered and has  captured all eyes.  What will be the next new technology in the market ? Is the thing everyone is keen to know. New models, structures, features, designs and more to explore, arrives and suddenly there is a storm like !
"Aree !!! Did u see the AD.. what cool features !, what adaptability !, energy saver !, longer life !, & easy operations etc.," are something we people are crazy and go on With a BRAND NAME TO ADD!
Well !  for today's generation, we know are completely technology prone. On a lighter note !! An unborn infant in mother's womb itself has experienced many new technological equipments and feelings !
Of course ! there is a difference to use it & understand technology in the right way & cater our requirements rightfully. 
As we educate our children for different  things, it is necessary for us to keep watch
retrospect, " What is going on ?" It would sometimes be, while keeping an eye on their uses…

Rectify your thinking and try to grow as a human !

I am a responsible person & I care. Will YOU Be ONE ?

Global Warming !!!

The very much known truth ..Indeed ! It is very sad that,  humans are the only creature that creates 'kachara'...
We Indians have a habit of celebrating festivals, various ceremonies & parties. Whatever little way we can, we try, adjust to celebrate and enjoy ourselves thoroughly.
Now, let's talk sense ..What if, after some years we will be fighting ourselves to get rid of diseases, natural calamities, air pollution and many more to name ?...
Just because, we are busy and happy for the particular moment or festival we become learned ignorants. Of course, now there are many initiatives  taken by government as well as celebrities which indeed, is a step toward CLEAN  & GREEN INDIA. It is  a drop of water in the large ocean,  But, surely we will come out winning if, each and everyone of us start to think for our MOTHER EARTH where we want to live beautifully.